We need your help.....
Every little bit does help. We are having
garage sales and fund raising efforts in
order to raise cash. If you can help please

Beth (928) 897-9033
Ruth (702) 299-4254
Fosters Needed!

NP4P is in desperate need
of foster homes! Every dog
that we take in needs a
foster home to give it a
safe,loving, caring home
while they are waiting for
their forever home. Foster
homes are essential part of
our rescue. To qualify to be
a foster for NP4P, you have
to be willing to keep the
foster dog in your home, to
be a part of your family, a
fenced yard or place to
keep a dog,  to spend time
with your foster dog, and a
big heart, big enough to love
a dog that is need of love
and guidance from being
transposed from one place
to another. Many of our
dogs may need training and
or a little extra care while
being  fostered. In addition
to caring for such a
wonderful dog knowing that
you are helping to save a
life. You will be repaid in
leaps and bounds with the
joy you will be bring to a dog
in need.
We need your help.

If you are interested in
becoming a foster please
click on Foster Home
Application below.
Mailing Address:
Niki's Pals 4 Paws
417 S. Kirkland Rd.
PMB 1197
Golden Valley, AZ. 86413
    We can always use:
    Paper towels
    Laundry Soap
    Dog Food
    Dishes & Bowls
    Collars & Leashes
    Dog Beds
    Dog Houses

    Did I Mention Dog Food?
Foster Home
We learned Cody had hip dysplasia in March 2012. It was genetic and
surgery was needed on both hips. The cost is $1000.00  a hip.
On Thanksgiving his health began to fail which meant he wouldn't be
able to have the surgery and we lost him 11/26/2012, he would have
been 2 years old Jan. 16, 2013.
We have setup an "In The Memory of CODY FUND" to help out all our
dogs that need medical help.  We would like to Thank all those who
have contributed to his fund. You can make a donation through
PAYPAL or  Send cash or check.
When donating through paypal please mark in comments that donation
is for Cody Fund. Cody was an inspiration to everyone.
    DID YOU KNOW? You can donate ALL
    you household items to us for our yard
We can even pick up your donations and we
give a tax deductible receipt.

Call Today! Ask for Beth (928) 897-9033
I Loving
I Loving
I Loving
Little Carson